Visiting Beaujolais, Chiroubles

A glimpse of Eastern & Southeastern France-part 1

A look over Beaujolais, from Chiroubles while visiting Domaine de la Grosse Pierre,

Driving south from Dijon to Lyon, deciding which domaine to visit is not an easy choice. Leaving behind the classical Bourgogne the view changes and the lovely alternating hills of Beaujolais dominate.

Domaine de la Grosse Pierre is a family owned winery which since 2018 is run by Pauline Passot and was created in the 1960s by her grand-father.

Tasting various expressions of Gamay from Chiroubles to Fleurie and Morgon.

We tasted Gamay from Chiroubles, where the main parts of the vineyards are located, but also from Morgon and Fleurie. Variable terroir, mainly granitic soils, traditional semi-carbonic maceration, vinification with natural yeasts & per parcel.

Elegant wines, with very different expressions of Gamay by site and by year. Impressive how fuller is the body of the 2020s.

The visit could only end by a short visit of the top of Chirouble enjoying the view from the Terrasses de Chiroubles. Also next to the Maison du Cru, with local products & wine.

Thank you Domaine de la Grosse Pierre for this lovely intro to Beaujolais.